Countertop Mirrors

Four mirrors result of the collaboration with the designer Charlotte Taylor.


Customizable terrazzo

Rialto is the name we have given to a flooring which is a re-interpretation of the ancient terrazzo floor which was born in Venice.

In Rialto terrazzo we take new pebbles according to our design and cut the mix with a water jet cutting machine.



A series of six lighting fixtures thanks to the collaboration with young designers and the partnership with a specialist in the lighting sector.

Produced using certified, latest generation LED technology.

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Mondo Marmo Design srl

Via Nicolò Copernico, 50
Stallavena di Grezzana - 37023 – Verona-Italy
tel 045 8650569
fax 045 8669385


Mondo Marmo Design is able to offer qualified advice to architects and builders and, starting from a sketch or a rendering, ideas become not just possible but become reality.
Bringing together precious raw materials with the talent of world- class workmanship, Mondo Marmo Design guarentees the success of commisioned projects.
This skill represents both a service and a key factor for a designer who wishes to transform an idea or concept into a design product.
Mondo Marmo Design is an Italian company, based in the Valpantena valley near the town of Verona.
A specialist in the Stone sector, the company works with many professional partners on projects involving interior finishes or for the creation of a decorative object. Our objective is to give a consultancy service to ensure the project’s success

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